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The TARIX Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence developed on Google Assistant  platform made by Google, that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. 

The TARIX Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. He can reply all your queries according to your specific needs.

  • Voice Assistant

    Never miss a lead with TARIX. He can answer questions and gather contact information for you

  • Voice Assistant Plus

    Integrates with your database to provide information to authenticated user. Custom white label branding.

  • Voice Assistant Enterprise

    Inclusive of above features, additional features can be added. Dedicated technical support

Available On

Smart Watch

Smart Phones

Smart Tv

TARIX Assistant

How will TARIX Assistant  be beneficial  to my  organization?


With the TARIX UI, users can focus on taking action and finding information quickly and on the go. This flexibility reduces the time they need to be spending at their desktop computers looking for  information.X


With TARIX Assistant organizations needn’t upgrade older software as their data gets integrated into the platform, hence organizations can save on some of the maintenance and upgrade costs for their other enterprise applications.


Your employee can access TARIX assistant via google assistant within your organization using wide range of devices supporting google assistant with voice interaction. Having the ease of connectivity across devices.

Need For TARIX Assistant

Break free of endless self-service portals, checking your inbox every ten minutes and rushing to find last week’s meeting minutes. TARIX Assistant makes your data work for you, with an enteprise-grade secure search across all of your data and real-time notifications.

You’ll only ever get what you need from TARIX Assistant. With your job role, assigned tasks, project memberships and more, your smart workplace assistant tailors itself to you; so you can work smarter instead of harder.
Need to catch up on text messages when your eyes are otherwise occupied? No problem: Ask Assistant, “Read me my messages,” and it’ll walk you through your most recent texts and offer to read any or all of them aloud. You can also specify a contact’s name — “Read me my messages from Arthur” — if you’re looking for something specific. Just like a human co-worker, Google Assistant can occasionally get a little too chatty.

TRAVIS can  be implemented in private offices, cubicles and meeting/conference rooms. This provides flexibility and simplifies deployment and secure connection.

 TRAVIS Assistant works where you work, be it a google assistant powered device or a Chromebook , or a responsive web app that works on mobiles and desktops. All your sessions are in sync, so you always have the same up-to-date information no matter where you’re working from.

Work across any devices that’s powered by google assistant without the loosing the data and increase customer engagement.Let people wake TRAVIS on their phone or on their Smart TV or even on their smart watch, TRAVIS responds  everytime.

In the office, it’s all about collaboration.

Speak directly to TRAVIS Assistant via built-in voice recognition technology, and through natural language processing your intelligent assistant will determine the intent behind your request. Ask TRAVIS Assistant “Who is Kate’s manager?” – and you’ll receive Kate’s report-to contact information within seconds.

With Parallel Search, you’ll get your search results quicker than ever before. TRAVIS Assistant can search in all connected data sources at once, and feed relevant results back to you in near real-time. The TRAVIS AI engine determines which results are most relevant to your search, so you can spend less time looking and more time doing.

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